Sunday, 6 August 2017

The real meaning of the rainbow

With all the modern misappropriation of the rainbow, I was thinking today about the hymn 'Rich are the moments of blessing' by the blind hymn-writer Fanny J Crosby and especially the reference to the rainbow in the chorus.

The rainbow was created by God and is a God-given sign of His grace and mercy.  It signifies His greatness in creation and His grace in salvation.

However we live in a world where many do not recognise the greatness of God or the need for His grace and His mercy.

There is certainly a need to proclaim those great themes and to reclaim that wonderful sign in the heavens.

1 Rich are the moments of blessing
Jesus my Saviour bestows;
Pure is the well of salvation
Fresh from His mercy that flows.
Ever he walketh beside me,
Brightly His sunshine appears,
Spreading a beautiful rainbow
Over the valley of tears.
2 Rich are the moments of blessing,
Lovely, and hallowed, and sweet,
When from my labour at noontide
Calmly I rest at his feet. [Refrain]
3 Why should I ever grow weary?
Why should I faint by the way?
Has he not promised to give me
Strength for the toils of the day? [Refrain]
4 Though by the mist and the shadow
Sometimes my sky may be dim,
Rich are the moments of blessing
Spent in communion with him. [Refrain]