Wednesday, 17 February 2010

A Few Good Acres

A Few Good Acres: The Odyssey of Thomas Beaty and His Descendants in America is the title of a book by Marvin T Beatty, which was published last year.

It is the fictional story of Thomas Beaty, a young Ulster-Scot who emigrated from Ireland to America with his brother Will and worked his way across colonial Pennsylvania, contending with Indians, blizzards and uncertain land titles until he and his hardy wife were able to buy a farm on the frontier.  There they raised their twelve children.

The story of the Beaty family continues through four generations, who follow the frontier westward, always searching for better land, until the fifth generation settles on a farm in a mountain valley of Montana.

This is a fictional story but in his dedication the author says:
This book is dedicated to my hardy and intrepid ancestors; their struggles and accomplishments laid the foundation for this fictional account.

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