Sunday, 14 February 2010

Thompson Brothers

Mark Thompson, the former chair of the Ulster-Scots Agency and a leading activist in the Ulster-Scots community, is one half of a gospel 'brother duet' with his brother Graeme. 

They are known as the Thompson Brothers and their first CD as a duet will ready before Easter.  It will be entitled Soda Farls & Redemption Songs (Hairtsome Hymns fae oor Ulster-Scots Childhood) and will include about 18 tracks, some of them hymns with Ulster roots, some Sacred Scotch Solos and some old brother duet songs.

In the meantime you can hear them sing, along with the Calvary Quartet, in Burnside Orange Hall, near Templepatrick, next Saturday night 20 February.  I am not sure of the time but it is probably 7.30.

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