Saturday, 29 May 2010

The Ulster Museum controversy (2)

Alf McCreary has commented on the issue in tonight's Belfast Telegraph.

Nelson's right to make 'art luvvies' live in real world

It is amusing to watch the 'art luvvies' in hysteria because our esteemed Culture Minister Nelson McCausland suggested that our museums should reflect more of our local culture.

I am not one of those who embrace Creationism, nor am I a member of the Orange Order or a Hibernian, but these are all part of our culture.

There is already a wonderful William Conor painting of The Twelfth in the Ulster Museum.

Nelson McCausland, or any minister, certainly cannot and must not dictate what should go into our museums, but he has a right to make suggestions.

Sometimes the 'art luvvies' need their cages rattled to remind them of real life.

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  1. Seems like you made the news in the US Nelson :-

    Young Earth Creationism: Not Only in America - Michael Zimmerman, Ph.D.


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