Saturday, 26 June 2010

Big City Park

Ormeau Park in Belfast is the location for the filming of a new chidlren's television series, Big City Park,  for Cbeebies.  The series was created by Colin Williams, originally from North Belfast, and it is being produced by his own company.

Nelson McCausland, Rick Hill, Colin Williams and some of the characters
I visited the set in Ormeau Park to meet the production team and the characters who will feature in the series, one of whom at least has a good Ulster accent.  Each of the programme lasts for 15 minutes and there are 27 in the series.

As well as helping to support the lcoal economy, this programme will bring Ormeau Park into many thousands of homes across the British Isles and beyond.


  1. Amazing!! As a native of Belfast I used to go to Ormeau Park as a child(but it was a different life then!) and now my children are watching it on Cbeebies have a strong memory of the bandstand in the middle.
    Wonder if it is still there????

    PK Bromley


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