Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Greater Ardoyne

As the days go by Greater Ardoyne seems to be expanding.  We are often told that it is residents who protest against Loyal Oder parades and band parades but it seems that isn't quite true.

If those involved in protests and riots on the Crumlin Road back in July were residents of Ardoyne or even Greater Ardoyne, then Greater Ardoyne has certainly expanded.  It extended across parts of North and West Belfast, then up to Ballymena and on to Londonderry.  Now with the addition of Spain, Greater Ardoyne is going international!  Who knows where it will extend to next?  Perhaps it will end up like the British Empire, of which it was said that it was an empire 'on which the sun never set'.


  1. Just love your dry wit Nelson, very good post indeed. However, I'd like to remind you of a couple of crucial points chara....

    Firstly, those charged in connection with riots in the Greater Ardoyne area over the Twelfth are indeed innocent under the law until proven guilty and as such should be afforded that right.

    Secondly, those involved in the GARC protest against the Orange Order parade had no involvement whatsoever in the riots that followed. As a matter of fact, the vast majority of protesters are Greater Ardoyne residents. Admittedly, there were a few political activists who also took part.

    Finally Nelson, I posed a question to you on my last comment to you regarding the four-day protest outside ASDA on the Shore Road....As of yet, I still haven't had a reply?

    Take Care

  2. Nelson would you please answer my question regarding the four-day protest outside ASDA on the Shore Road....

    Will you support those involved in this illegal protest be also prosecuted?

  3. Now a 41 year-old man from Lurgan has been charged with rioting in North Belfast in July. It's not as far away as Spain but I don't think living in Lurgan makes you a concerned resident of Greater Ardoyne.

  4. GARC - I responded on an earlier post.

  5. 'Concern' shouldn't be based on geography but on ones mindset. I'm sure LOL's don't object to Scottish and English bands marching in Belfast, so why object to non-residents protesting and showing a similar solidarity?


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