Monday, 6 September 2010

Private William Hugh Kirkwood

Private William Hugh Kirkwood was a soldier in the 27th Battalion of the Canadian Infantry during the First World War.  He died on 3 May 1917 and was buried at Vimy in France.  William was born on 30 May 1890 and so he was 27 years old when he died. 

Although he died while serving in the Canadian Infantry he was born in Belfast and was the son of James E Kirkwood of Hilkiah, Ballysillan Road.  Hilkiah is an Old Testament name and this may suggest that the family were devout Christians who chose to give their home a biblical name.

I wonder if there is any connection with the Kirkwood family who gave their name to Kirkwood's Brae, the old name for the Old Ballysillan Road.  It will certainly be worth checking the old Belfast Street Directories for more information on the family.

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