Saturday, 6 November 2010

A King on Zion

I came across this today in the Fountain Centre in Belfast.  It is on the glass wall beside the escalator.  It is rather unusual and I wonder what inspired someone to put it there.  I have been at the Fountain Centre many times but have never noticed it before.

The first part of the text appears to be the New International Version of Psalm 2:6.  This is a Psalm that speaks of a world in rebellion against God but also of the ultimate triumph of God and it includes an appeal to men and women to be reconciled to God and so avoid the wrath of God.  The second part is the New King James Version of 2 Samuel 7:13 which is prophecy that the Throne of David will last forever.

It is extremely refreshing to find that someone felt led to incorporate a portion of the Bible in the fabric of a commercial building.

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