Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Look out for 'Born Fighting'

During a visit to Washington last year I met Senator James Webb, author of Born Fighting. During the meeting he mentioned that he was working on a new television series about the Scotch-Irish and that it would be based around his book.

I have just received confirmation that the landmark two-part documentary, which is a partnership between UTV and STV, will be broadcast on both channels on 1 and 8 February.

It follows Senator Webb as he charts the incredible story of the Scotch-Irish and discovers how they helped to build one of the most powerful nations in the world. Webb, who is himself of Scotch-Irish descent, travels from his home in Virginia to Scotland and Ulster, where he visits Belfast, Carrickfergus, Newtownstewart and Londonderry, to tell the story of the Scotch-Irish and how they shaped present day America.  Dramatic reconstructions take viewers through key historical moments such as Bannockburn, the siege of Derry and the American Civil War.

'I wrote Born Fighting after many years of thought and painstaking research,' noted Senator Webb.  'It is a pleasure to have been able to work with UTV, STV and the Smithsonian Channel to bring the essence of this book into a powerful, visual format.'

I am certainly looking forward to this two-part series and I am sure that many of those who read this blog will also look forward to it with anticipation.  There was a time when the Ulster-Scots people were an invisible people as regards television broadcasting but thigns are changing and both the Ulster-Scots people and Ulster-Scots culture are moving in from the margins to the mainstream. That process will be supported in future by the new Ulster-Scots Broadcast Fund and there are many great stories to be told.

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