Thursday, 31 March 2011

Sinn Fein's strategy

Writing in a post on Slugger O'Toole about Sinn Fein strategy, Mick Fealty referred back to a an earlier post dated 30 May 2006, almost five years ago.

On the Today programme on BBC Radio Four in May 2006, Mitchel McLaughlin was asked to explain what Sinn Fein had achieved for its supporters. McLaughlin replied, 'The degree of uncertainty and the lack of confidence in the unionist community!'

This faux pas by McLaughlin was picked up by Newton Emerson in the Irish News (27 May 2006) and then by Mick Fealty.  I say faux pas but in fact he was merely being honest about Sinn Fein's strategy; the faux pas on his part was that he told the truth.

The republican movement has always operated on a number of fronts and one of them is psychological.  Sinn Fein talk about such things as the 'inevitability' of a united Ireland and such talk is intended to demoralise, demotivate and debilitate the unionist community.

On that occasion Sinn Fein let the cat out of the bag and perhaps that is why Mitchel has been rather in the background in recent years.

However more important is the fact that this is the Sinn Fein strategy and unionists should take note of that.  We should not allow anyone, whoever they might be, to demoralise, demotivate and debilitate the unionist people.  Indeed, as we approach the centenary of the Ulster Covenant and look forward to the first centenary of Northern Ireland, we have an opportunity to refocus and remotivate the unionist community.


  1. Are they impervious or is there a Unionist strategy to give them a taste of treir own medicine?

    I expect it takes a certain kind of mindset - the oppressed, struggling type - to enable resistance to demoralisation etc.

  2. We need to recognise the Sinn Fein strategy and at the same time work at building up unionist community confidence. The centenary of the Ulster Covenant and the centenary of Northern Ireland provide a great opportunity to do that.

  3. Timothy, when you say: “is there a Unionist strategy to give them a taste of treir own medicine?” [sic], who is this ‘them’ you refer to? Sinn Fein or the Nationalist community at large?

    Also, I had made some posts directed at one of your comments relating to ‘Team GB’ a few weeks ago however Nelson decided not to post them for some reason, would it be possible Nelson to post them now or at least give me a reason as to why you ignore some peoples comment?

    Many Thanks

  4. mpppm - I can't remember the comments or why I deleted them.


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