Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Sectarian attack on Ligoniel Orange Hall

Sectarian attack on Ligoniel Orange Hall

North Belfast DUP representatives have condemned a sectarian arson attack which destroyed Ligoniel Orange Hall, on the Crumlin Road, last night.

‘The hall is completely gutted and many historic artefacts have been destroyed,’ said William Humphrey MLA. ‘Those artefacts had great sentimental and historic value for the two lodges which use the hall and they are irreplaceable.’

‘Such attacks are the legacy of years of demonisation of the Orange Order by Irish republicans,’ said Councillor Gareth McKee. ‘Those who cultivated a sectarian hatred of the Orange Order are in many ways as guilty as those who carried out the attack.’

‘The Orange Order plays an important role within the Protestant and unionist community and an attack on an Orange Hall is an attack on the community it serves,’ said Nelson McCausland MLA. ‘I welcome the fact that the PSNI are treating this as a sectarian hate crime and we must hope that the culprits will be brought to book.’


  1. As someone who belives in equality, I strongly disagree with the attack on this Orange Hall. I know I have political differences with the Institution marching through Greater Ardoyne but that is, what it is a difference of opinion.

    Anyone who attacks, burns or attempts to destroy such a hall is totally wrong and goes against the values and principles of Irish Republicanism. As such, all such incidents need to openly condemned.

    In saying all the above, are we really sure that it was a secterian/hate crime. It could be someone or people looking to throw the mix in between the Nationalist and Unionist communities?

  2. Many Orange Halls across Northern Ireland have been targets for sectarian attack and many have been seriously damaged or destroyed. Such attacks are the practical outworking of the sustained campaign of demonisation which has been orchestrated by Irish republicans over several decades. It is worth rememberign that Ligoniel Orange Hall was originally on the Ligoniel Road but that the lodges had to move after the hall was attacked by the IRA. Indeed one member was murdered as he was leaving the hall. You have condemned the attack on the hall. Would you also condemn that murder of an Orangeman by the IRA?

  3. Nelson as I said clearly above, attacks on community buildings are wrong and go against the whole ethos of Irish Republicanism.

    I'm not sure about the circumstances surrounding the killing of an Orangeman outside the Ligoniel Road Hall? To make a genuine and honest comment about such a killing I'd need more information...The person's name, date of death and the reason gave by the IRA etc? I'd also need to know what the deceased's Clann said in response? Then I would gladly give you my view...

    Having said that, there were many killings during the recent Conflict which should never have happened...As a Republican I do feel regret and sadness. Let's be honest here most of the killings which took place during that period were due to a lengthy history of brutality by all sides party to the War.


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