Friday, 21 October 2011

A hopeless place?

The pop singer Rihanna caused some controversy during her recent visit to Northern Ireland, as regards both the filming of a video and her performance at the Odyssey, when fans were kept waiting for her to appear. 

Part of the video was filmed in the New Lodge Road area in North Belfast and crowds of local people flocked round her during her time in the area.  They were excited and delighted about her visit to the New Lodge but I wonder what their reaction is now that the video is out?  Apparently much of it involves her singing 'I found love in a hopeless place'.  This is set against a background of drugs, alcohol and gambling, interspersed with shots of the New Lodge flats and views of the general area. 

A hopeless place?  Fortunately most people who see the video will have no idea where it was filmed.


  1. Also, the fact you say "Apparently much of it involves her singing 'I found love in a hopeless place'." suggests you haven't even seen it... maybe that'd be an idea before commenting.

  2. I live in Brazil I am Brazilian and I agree he did not want a clip that was being filmed in my country. And I believe that Northern Ireland is not the parent drug and hopeless.

  3. NI is and will continue to be a hopeless place as long as people here maintain a medieval mindset with an imaginary being as their inspiration.

  4. Apparently much of it involves her singing

    So you haven't seen this video you are commenting on? If not, I'd suggest you watch it prior to commenting, therefore you wont look quite as ignorant.

    Jonny Kane

  5. Also, perhaps you should be less worried about the image of the city and more concerned with those living in the city who would agree with the sentiments of the video. Not everyone, but a large amount of people do find this city a hopeless place. Look inward Mr McCausland, if you can.

  6. At the time I wrote this post I had seen some of the video, albeit on a small computer screen, but I had not heard the lyrics. However I will not be rushing to either see or hear the video. I can think of many better things to do than watch scenes of drug abuse and vomiting.


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