Saturday, 8 October 2011


Every Saturday the Belfast Telegraph Weekend magazine carries a Saturday/Sunday interview in which a prominent person asnwers a series of questions about their weekend. 

Today the person interviewed is Paul Stewart, a businessman who lives in east Belfast.  He is the sales director of a refurbishment company in Bangor and his work takes him across the United Kingdom.

One of the questions is 'Sunday morning - do you go to church?' and it brings a wide variety of answers.  In the case of Paul Stewart, he is very open and clear about his Christian faith and the importance of Sunday as a day for worship and the family.
Yes, we go as a family to the Congregational Church in Belfast twice every Sunday.  The children also take part in Sunday School.  I firmly believe that family worship is very important.  I studied theology at Queen's University and regularly preach around churches in Northern Ireland, too.
In these days when secularism is so pervasive and aggressive, it is good to see a successful businessman who is willing to speak out clearly and publicly about his Christian faith.

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