Monday, 19 March 2012

Belfast City Marathon

The Deep River Rock Belfast City Marathon will take place this year on Monday 7 May.  This is the 31st year of the marathon and last year it attracted over 20,000 competitors, a record for the city.

There have been efforts by some people to get the marathon changed from a Monday to a Sunday and so I am glad that the event will once again take place on the holiday Monday.

The record figures last year, which make it the largest mass participation sporting event in either Northern Ireland or the Irish Republic. prove that the Monday is not a deterrent to participants.  Moreover it is interesting to note that the Dublin marathon is also held on a Monday.

It is also good to see that the race has been sponsored by a non-alcohol sponsor, especially at this time when we are so conscious of the harm caused by alcohol abuse.  At one time the race was sponsored by a brewery but eventually that sponsorship ended and ever since there have been non-alcohol sponsors, which is appropriate for a family-friendly event that seeks to encourage health and fitness.

Well done to the organisers for holding to the Monday and a thank-you to the sponsors as well.


  1. Well done indeed to the organisers down the years.

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed doing the relay in the Belfast Marathon on numerous occasions.

    Any prospect of Stormont MLAs doing the relay as a inter-party team, perhaps in 2013 for a worthy charitable cause?

    I'm aware of the 'Stormont Mile' event, but don't recall any MLAs doing the marathon.

  2. A few MLAs have run the marathon and will probably do so again but I can assure you I will not be one of them!

  3. Cloughfern District LOL24 will be putting a team in for the Belfast City Marathon this year and raising funds for two local charities,

    AAVS (AA Veteran Support)

    Looking forward to the big day.


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