Friday, 4 May 2012

Celtic's sectarian supporters

The New Statesman (19 March) had a review of a new book entitled Celtic: a Biography in Nine Lives, which was written by Kevin McCarra, a journalist and a Celtic fan.

The review was written by Simon Kuper, a Financial Times columnist and author of The Football Men.  In it he said:
Some Celtic fans took their embrace of Irish Catholic identity to extremes.  At an Old Firm game in 1993, I stood amid Celtic fans who chanted in praise of the IRA: 'Ooh, aah, up the Ra, say ooh, aah, up the Ra!'  That day, the IRA blew up two children in Warrington.  McCarra says similar chants are still heard today ...


  1. This is a strange post Nelson. This kind of chanting is digusting and offensive, but as a Catholic who follows Rangers (does that blow your mind?) I've heard plenty of the same trashy chants at Ibrox. Why do you not post about these?

  2. I often post about things I come across in the press and this was one of them.


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