Thursday, 1 November 2012

Andrea Bocelli and abortion

Gail Henderson told this story in her column in the Sunday Life (21 October):
I recently stumbled across a You Tube clip showing classical singer Andrea Bocelli at his piano telling a story about a young pregnant woman who was being treated in hospital for acute appendicitis.
After her treatment she was advised by doctors to abort her baby as it may have a disability.
The brave young woman ignored their advice and had a baby boy.
Then he smiles before revealing that the woman was his mother and he was the child.
Now that's the way to get people thinking.

And I agree with that. There's nothing more powerful than a personal story, in effect a testimony, and Bocelli's story is indeed a powerful one. If that young woman had agreed to an abortion the world would have been denied the amazing talent of this wonderful singer and all the pleasure that comes from his singing.

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