Monday, 31 December 2012

A guid new yeir

A Guid New Year Tae Ane an Aw’

This old song is sung by Scots at Hogmanay after the bells which ring in the New Year. I can recall it being sung many years ago by Andy Stewart on the BBC Hogmanay programme.

A guid New Year tae ane an' aw’,
An' mony may ye see!
An' durin’ aw’ the years tae come,
O happy may ye be!
An' may ye ne'er hae cause tae mourn,
Tae sigh or shed a tear!
Tae ane an' aw’, baith great an' sma’,
A hearty, Guid New Year!

A guid New Year to ane an' aw'
An' mony may ye see,
An' durin' aw' the years tae come,
O happy may ye be.

O time flies past, it winna wait,
My friend for you or me,
It works its wonders day by day,
And onward still doth flee.
O wha can tell when ilka ane,
I see sae happy here,
Will meet again and merry be
Anither guid New Year.


We twa ha'e baith been happy lang.
We ran about the braes.
In yon wee cot beneath the tree,
We spent oor early days.
We ran aboot the burnie's side,
The spot will aye be dear,
An' those that used to meet us there,
We'll think on mony a year.


Noo let us hope oor years may be
As guid as they ha'e been,
And trust we ne'er again may see,
The sorrows we ha'e seen.
And let us wish that ane an' a'
Our friends baith far an' near,
May aye enjoy in times tae come
A hearty guid New Year!


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