Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Gerry Adams second home

'Economical with the truth? Well only a wee bit.'
Newton Emerson keeps a careful watch on Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams and he had another interesting insight in the Irish News column A look back at the week (16  February):
Gerry Adams must have complicated personal finances.  Questioned by RTE over how he affords his several homes on the average industrial wage, Mr Adams said: 'I am currently in negotiation with the bank over the house in Donegal because we're in deep trouble.'
When he was asked a similar question about the Donegal house on RTE in 2007, Mr Adams said: 'Sure the bank owns it.'
However it was quickly established that the property was mortgage free.  Might Adams have suffered the same confusion again?
Now we are all aware that Gerry Adams has a memory problem.  For example, he can't remember being in the Provisional IRA.   Now it is clear that he is suffering from both short-term memory loss as well as long-term memory loss!  It seems that he can't remember that he owns his own house 'mortgage free'.
Sinn Fein make much of the fact that their politicians are all on the 'average industrial wage'.  Yet in 2007 RTE established that Gerry Adams' second house was 'mortgage free'.  I wonder how many people on the 'average industrial wage', other than Sinn Fein politicians, have a mortgage-free second home?
Moreover Gerry is certainly not the only Sinn Fein politician on an 'average industrial wage' to own more than one home.

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  1. In 2007 Mr Adams said "Sure the bank owns it."

    Would that be the Northern Bank?


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