Thursday, 20 March 2014

An Alliance activist with his Irish tricolour

Gary Spedding from his FB page
Here is a picture of an Alliance Party activist on St Patrick's Day - mouth open, eyes agog and clutching his little tricolour.  His name is Gary Spedding.
Gary hit the headlines back in January when he was deported from Israel and the Belfast Telegraph report described him as 'a  member of the Alliance Party youth wing'.
He is currently an undergraduate student in Applied Biology with the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences at Northumbria University but was previously an undergraduate at Queen's University, Belfast.  Spedding is also a pro-Palestinian activist and a gay rights activist.  It is indeed a wonder that he can find time to study!
Anna Lo put it into words but Gary Spedding prefers to fly the flag of Irish nationalism.

When it comes to asking Alliance Party members whether they agree with Anna Lo, I don't think we need to ask Gary Spedding where he stands.


  1. This is just evidence of how archaic your party's attitudes towards identity are. Can you not see that identity is a fluid concept for some with less extreme views than yourself? A picture of someone holding a tricolour doesn't mean that they're out to smash your bizarre, artificial and gerrymandered little statelet. It is enshrined in both Irish and British law and that we can identify, and be accepted, as Irish, British, both or neither. Holding a tricolour on St Patrick's Day doesn't prevent you from holding a fluid and multifaceted identity, so how would you know "where he stands", presuming you have never met him?

  2. Whats wrong with a political party having members with differing points of view, the Tories have it when it comes to Europe?
    Also, where do you stand on Billy Hutchinson's comments?

    1. Within the Conservative Party there are indeed different views on Europe but I don't think anyone in the Conservative Party has suggested that the United Kingdom be abolished and be totally and utterly absorbed into a United States of Europe. I don't know of any Conservative who wants to see the United Kingdom abolished!
      As regards the recent comments by Billy Hutchinson the DUP has already stated its position very clearly. Murder is murder and it is always wrong.


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