Friday, 11 July 2014

Mairead Farrell RYC and the Nazis

The North Belfast News (12 July) carries a photograph of a large poster on a fence on the Crumlin Road, opposite Holy Cross Roman Catholic Church.  

According to the report it was erected by the Mairead Farrell Republican Youth Committee, which is described as the 'activist youth wing of Sinn Fein'.  For further information on their activities you might look at their Facebook page.

The poster appeared on Tuesday morning and bears the message "ANTI-FASCIST, ANTI-SECTARIAN, ANTI-HATE MFRYC".

According to the chairman of the group, Eoin McShane, the poster is part of an ongoing campaign 'to take a stand against hate'.

Well before Eoin and his friends got to work with their spray paint, they should have taken a history lesson, because when fascism was really rampant in Europe, their political party and their friends in the IRA were colluding with the Nazis.  When Ulstermen and Irishmen, Protestant and Roman Catholic, were fighting fascism on the battlefields of Europe, the IRA was collaborating with one of the most evil regimes ever to appear on the face of the earth.

They may paint on the poster that they are "anti-Fascist" but their republican forebears were happy to cosy up to Adolf Hitler and his henchmen.

As regards portraying the republican movement as "anti-sectarian", the IRA did murder Protestants and Roman Catholics but I dont think that makes you "anti-sectarian". Moreover one of the most notable aspects of their murder campaign was that of the ethnic cleansing of Protestants in many border areas.  Anti-sectarian ..... not really!

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