Friday, 14 August 2015

Ardoyne Fleadh

Ardoyne Fleadh 2014

In an interview in the Belfast Telegraph on Thursday 6 August Paul McCusker , one of the organisers of the Ardoyne Fleadh, said, 'The Fleadh is very positive.' 
The interviewer, Lyra McKee, then assured readers that 'Since then the Fleadh committee has put in guidelines for performers to ensure there isn't a repeat of the incident this year.  Open air concerts this weekend will see Irish reggae band  Breagh and pop act Fusion play with The Wolfe Tones headlining on Sunday night.
The columnist also noted: 'At the end of its Press Release it says: 'Ardoyne Fleadh is very much welcomed by the people of Ardoyne and we would like to extend a hand of friendship to our Protestant neighbours.''
The Wolfe Tones, Ardoyne Fleaqdh 2015
So how did they extend a hand of friendship to their Protestant neighbours?  They subjected them to another Rebel Night with The Wolfe Tones, the grandfathers of 'rebel music'.

Someone who was there had posted a short Youtube clip of the performance, which showed that nothing had really changed.  My DUP colleague Brian Kingston then commented on this and the band responded but the Youtube clip seems to have been taken down.

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