Friday, 29 January 2016

Supporters of 'Integrated Education'?

Official IRA press conference in 1975
The Workers Party has reaffirmed its support for 'integrated education'.  

It brings to mind a photograph I see from time to time in BBC Broadcasting House in Ormeau Avenue, a photograph I saw again this morning and one which always brings a smile to my face.

It was taken back in 1975 and relates to a press conference and protest by the youth wing of the Official IRA.

(1) there is something incongruous about the association of masked members of the Official IRA and 'integrated education'.

(2) If you are promoting 'integrated education, don't produce a placard saying 'we demand ITEGRATED education'.

Back in 1975 the Official IRA was formally on ceasefire but during that year there was a feud between the Officials and the INLA during which three INLA and five OIRA members were killed.

Their political wing was Official Fein, which became Sinn Fein, the Workers Party and eventually from 1982 just the Workers' Party.

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