Saturday, 15 April 2017

Easter weekend in the Gaeltacht Quarter

West Belfast has its own 'tourist agency', Failte Feirste Thiar, with its own website and information for tourists and visitors to the city.  You can view it at  

The current page offers a wide variety of cultural activities over the Easter period and here are just a few examples of what is on offer in the west of the city.

The Felons Club is advertised as 'the best in the west'  with Saturday Rebellion Night, starring Shebeen, and a Republican Reunion Concert on Easter Sunday.

Shebeen specialise in Irish rebel music with a wide repertoire of songs praising the Provisional IRA.  They also perform that classic Irish song 'Go on home British soldiers, go on home' with its call to 'F..k your Union Jack, we want our country back.'

Alternatively you might prefer the Ceili Mor in the Devenish Inn, for which the advertisement features three notable republican women, Mairead Farrell, Maire Drumm and Sheena Campbell.

On the other hand tourists might choose the Andersonstown Social Club and if this have missed Shebeen in the Felons Club they can catch up with them in the Andersonstown Social Club on Monday night.

And anyone seeking a little exercise is invited to join the members and patrons of the Andersonstown Social Club walking in the Easter Republican Parade.

Is there no end to what the Gaeltacht Quarter has to offer?  Yes that's the new name for the Falls.

Now of course Sinn Fein want to develop Gaeltachts, or Irish language areas, as part of their Irish Language Act, and you may have been wondering what a 'Sinn Fein Gaeltacht is like.  Well wonder no more! 

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