Friday, 18 May 2018

Eamonn Mallie's tweet - is it not smug, arrogant and patronising?

Eamonn Mallie
Eamonn Mallie has just posted the following on Twitter and Facebook and it is based around a comment from Professor Jim Dornan on the future of the Union and his view of that future.

#Brexit/NewIreland ....I’ve been uniquely saying thinking Unionists share Prof Jim Dornan’s view. “There is a lot of people nowadays, not just me, who are saying ‘you know what, if somebody offers me a better deal and somebody offers me a good deal, then I would go for it’."

So Eamonn is 'unique' in saying that 'thinking Unionists' share the view of Jim Dornan about the Union and the United Kingdom, a view which could be described as ambivalent or even agnostic.

So as someone who does not share that view I must be, according to Eamonn Mallie, an UNTHINKING UNIONIST.

Is there not something rather smug about a commentator dismissing so many of us as UNTHINKING?  Is there not something rather arrogant about dismissing the overwhelming majority of unionists as UNTHINKING?  Indeed is there not something rather patronising about describing us as UNTHINKING?

I don't know if Eamonn is actually 'unique' in saying this, which is what he claims, but if he is .... then he is uniquely wrong.

I disagree with Professor Dornan but I have no objection to the tone of his comments.  It is the way that Eamonn Mallie has tweeted about it that is the problem.

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