Monday, 20 August 2018

So what happened to Jude Collins' newspaper radio spot?

If you tune in to Radio Ulster on Saturday mornings from 8.00 am you can hear the Kim Lenaghan programme and one of the features in that is the review of the newspapers, around 8.30.

Kim's programme is presented as a way to start the weekend with 'great music and conversation' and the newspaper review is fairly light-touch, suitable for an early hour on a Saturday morning

The programme has a variety of newspaper reviewers and they tend to follow a pattern, so for the past month or so it was 21 July Jude Collins (yes that Jude Collins who doesn't think that the victims of the Omagh bomb were murdered, or indeed the victims of the Shankill bomb), 28 July Dan Gordon, 4 August Liz Kennedy and 11 August Esther Haller-Clarke.

Then yesterday 18 August it was Dan Gordon again.

We might have expected it to be Jude Collins, if the previous pattern was being followed, but no, it jumped to Dan Gordon, who had been on just three weeks earlier.

Of course an appearance by Jude Collins would have come in the same week as his outrageous blog post about the Omagh bomb - a post which caused offence and outrage across much of the community and a post which must have caused deep hurt to the families of the victims.

It would also have come in the wake of so many calls for Collins to be sidelined by the BBC.

So is this a sign that the BBC is going to rest or remove Jude Collins from his Saturday morning spot?  

Of course it could be that he was ill or on holiday and the BBC has said nothing, so I suppose we will have to wait and listen over the next few weeks.


  1. Hi there, I'm contributor number four and it's Esther Haller Clarke, not Heather Clark - easy mistake to make

  2. Thanks. I'm sorry for getting the name wrong but then it's early on a Saturday morning. Nelson


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