Saturday, 25 January 2020

'Iceland hasn't eliminated Down's syndrome - they are just killing everyone who has it'

Photograph from CBC - USA

Yesterday Mary and I met up in Belfast city centre and went into a shopping centre to get something to eat. 

At the tables beside us were a group of young people with learning disabilities, who were chatting away to each other..  

The person nearest to us was a teenage girl with Down's syndrome and we were both struck by her laughter, her intense conversation with her friend and especially her ability with her iphone.

Indeed Mary and I both remarked that we would love to have some of the technical facility with the iphone that she had displayed.

Here was a young woman who was enjoying life, experiencing joy and bringing joy to others, and yet if she had been conceived in a country such as Iceland her life would almost certainly have been ended before she was born.  

In Iceland almost all unborn children who are believed to have Down's syndrome are aborted.

Pro-abortionists in Iceland claim that they have virtually eliminated Down's syndrome through abortion and indeed only two or three children are born each year with Down's syndrome.

However as American actress Patricia Heaton tweeted: 'Iceland isn't eliminating Down syndrome - they are just killing everyone who has it.'

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