Thursday, 31 December 2009

A missed opportunity for BBC

Tonight at 6.25 in Scotland BBC2 broadcast Auld Lang Syne, a half-hour programme by Artworks Scotland investigating the origins of Robert Burns's most famous song.  Here in Northern Ireland in the same slot we had a repeat of a very old edition of Are You Being Served? 

This was another missed opportunity for BBC Northern Ireland to share a programme with BBC Scotland.  There has always been a strong interest in Burns in Ulster and even those who are not Burns enthusiasts are familiar with the old song.  I  recall being in the Waterfront Hall a few months ago at a concert organised by an East Belfast flute band and it was sung enthisastically by a packed audience.

Is it too much to ask BBC Northern Ireland to consider broadcasting the programme Auld Lang Syne at a future date?  Certainly it is time for BBC Northern Ireland to take a more positive and proactive approach to co-operation with BBC Scotland.


  1. It was a good programme. Virgin Media subscribers can watch BBC1 Scotland on channel 862. It's also available on demand on the BBC iPlayer for the next five days.

  2. I find myself in complete agreement with the Minister. Better still, why not have a joint Scots-language channel for Scotland and Ulster? On grounds of cost and speaker population, it would be hard to justify such an initiative for Ulster alone. The French and Germans have the joint cultural channel Arte, despite their linguistic differences.

  3. Robert Burns was a Republican! The vast majority of Scots would welcome a Scottish Nationalist Republican state!

    You are a British Unionist Royalist. Robert Burns was a Scottish Republican Nationalist, what do you two possibly have in common?

  4. Daithi - your understanding of the politics of Robert Burns is deeply flawed as is your assessment of the politics of Scotland today.


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