Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Sir James Galway

Sir James Galway was back in North Belfast today to visit the Grove Day Centre, which is part of the Grove Health and Wellbeing Centre, and unveil a new sculpture. 

The sculpture was designed by the senior citizens themselves and it depicts aspects of life in the York Road area, including the old linen mills and the Onward Flute Band of which Sir James was once a member. 

James Galway grew up in Carnalea Street and is 70 years old this year but some of the folk who attend the centre are in their late seventies or eighties and they remembered him very well.  One senior citizen recalled playing in the Onward Band around the same time and others recalled seeing him play with the band.

This was a wonderful afternoon for the senior citizens as they reminisced about their youth and it was good to see the enthusiasm of the staff who run the centre.  James Galway was very willing to take the time to talk to each of the senior citizens personally and they really appreciated the opportunity to meet him.

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