Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Dictionary of Irish Biography 2

Yesterday I posted a comment on the new Dictionary of Irish Biography and later in the day, during a quiet moment, I took the opportunity to look at the entries under the letter A to see if there were any obvious omissions.  The following were some that I noted:
  •  Sir Hugh Edward Adair (1815-1902) , who was a member of the Adair family of Ballymena and became the Liberal MP for Ipswich
  • Rev James Lynne Alexander (1800-1879), who was born at Glenhead (Carnalbana) in county Antrim and became an Anglican minister and poet in Canada
  • Sir William J Allen (1870-1948) Westminster MP and Sovereign Grand Master of the Royal Black Institution
  • Joseph Allison (1755-1839) - merchant and banker in Canada
  • George Buchanan Armstrong (1822-1871), who was born in county Armagh and who developed the railway mail service in America
  • John B Armstrong (1717-1795), who was born in county Monaghan and became a trade union leader in Canada
  • Dr Wilberforce Arnold (1838-1891), who was the founder of the Presbyterian Orphan Society
  • John Askin (1739-1815), who was born in Aughnacloy and was a fur trader, merchant and offical in Upper Canada
  • James Austin (1813-1897), who was born in Tandragee and became a Canadian businessman and president of the Dominion Bank of Canada
I intend to look at this further, to illustrate just how much of Ulster's contribution around the world has been overlooked by academics and historians.

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