Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Mount Vernon youth project

Brenda Dowie, Jacqueline Stewart, Nelson McCausland, Shannon Beggs & Rebecca McClure
A group of young people from the Mount Vernon estate in North Belfast have been taking part in a cross-community project with young people from Portadown, Ballymurphy and Claudy and last night they had a meeting in the Community House to showcase their part of the project.

Brenda Dowie, Jacqueline Stewart, Shannon Beggs, Rebecca McClure & Alex Hobson
The project, entitled Away from Violence,  has been organised by Public Achievement, which is a youth focussed civic education organisation.  Through a series of residentials, practical workshops, exhibition visits and groupwork, the young people were equipped with the relevant skills to create their own exhibitions and reflect the communities they live in.

Brenda Dowie and Alex Hobson work for Public Achievement and both the organisation and the young people from Mount Vernon are to be commended for this worthwhile project.  The website of Public Achievement is http://www.publicachievement.com/


  1. Thanks for covering this Nelson - your readers might like to find out more about Public Achievement at www.publicachievement.com

    This group in Mount Vernon are terrific! They have shown real energy and commitment throughout the project and have worked really well with the other groups.

  2. I will add your e-mail address to the main post.

  3. Many thanks! I am not sure if you are aware of the cuts that the Education Minister has made to her Community Relations budget? She has cut the budget by 70% - from £3.6 to £1.1 million. Amongst the impacts will be cuts to the core budgets of 26 community relations organisations - including ourselves, Spirit of Enniskillen and Corrymeela. For us, this cut puts our work in north Belfast and other areas at risk. The DE funding has allowed us to lever in four times the amount from IFI - but if we can't replace the funding cut, this too could be at risk. As you know we are working with young people who fall into the 'hard to reach' category in your constituency. Is there anything you can do to help? Paul@publicachievement.com


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