Monday, 6 September 2010

NI Human Rights Commission

Is there no limit to the arrogance of the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission?  Stephen Farry MLA of the Alliance Party welcomed the government's ban on the NIHRC taking money from Atlantic Philanthropies  to lobby in relation to a Bill of Rights.

In response to this a spokesman for the NIHRC said, 'It is not for the the first time that the commission has had to remind elected politicians that it is their comments which could be regarded as interference in the work of a United Nations- recognised institution.'
[New Letter 5 September 2010]

The NIHRC is not merely unrepresentative but also anti-democratic.  Indeed it smacks of Stalinism!  But then some of the strongest supporters of the NIHRC are from a background that once supported Stalinism.

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  1. When can we shed ourselves of this unelected, undemocratic, prodigal monstrosity which feeds itself on the backs of the Taxpayer?

    The vast majority of law-abiding, decent citizens have no need for such a body.


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