Thursday, 26 July 2012

No bail for Lurgan man

PearceToman, a Lurgan who has been charged with rioting at Ardoyne on the evening of 12 July, has been refused bail

In court he was described as one of the most serious rioters at Ardoyne on that evening.  According to a prosecution lawyer he is accused of throwing a petrol bomb and pushing a burning car at police officers.    He has been charged with attempted grievous bodily harm, riotous assembly, possession of petrol bombsand hrowing a petrol bomb.

Toman was identified from a newspaper photograph and from pictures taken from an Army helicopter.

He applied to the High Court for bail but a prosecution lawyer opposed this because of fears that the accused could reoffend.  The lawyer pointed out that Toman had travelled 20 miles from Lurgan to be at the scene of the riot. 

Toman's application for bail was was refused in the High Court yesterday.

However he denied being at Ardoyne and said that the only time he had left his home in Lurgan on the Twelfth was to walk his dog!

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