Thursday, 18 October 2012

Another Irish News report on parades

Allison Morris
Yesterday (18 October) the Irish News reported on the forthcoming Reformation Sunday church parade organised by the County Grand Orange Lodge of Belfast.
It was on the front page as the lead story, under the headline 'Orange Order plans march past Catholic church - again.'  Moreover, if that was not enough, the newspaper continued with Allisa half page on page 12 and also devoted page 13 and Newton Emerson's column on page 20 to parades.
With its Latin motto 'Pro fide et patria', the Irish News certainly devotes plenty of space to Loyal Order parades.  Moreover the newspaper is well placed to cover such events as its offices are in Donegall Street and therefore on the main parade route into the city centre.
I was therefore rather amused by the headline mentioned and by the start of Allison Morris's article:
Hopes that the end of the marching season would allow sectarian tensions to ease have been dashed with permission for yet another Orange Order parade pass(sic) St Patrick's Church in Belfast.
Organised to mark the anniversary of the Protestant Reformation in the 16th century, it will include four bands and around 400 participants along the city's Donegall Street.

The Irish News headline, with its use of the word 'again', and the first paragraph, with its talk of 'the end of the marching season' and 'hopes have been dashed', imply that the forthcoming church parade was unexpected.  However this is an annual church parade, which has taken place for many years. 
Indeed year after year the Orange brethren have walked past the Irish News offices on their way to and from the city centre church service.  To imply that this church parade was not expected is disingenuous.   Or are we to believe that Allison Morris did not know it was coming?  Surely a journalist who takes a special interest in parades would know and if she does not know, surely her editor would know?  Or is it just to spice up the story?
Surely not!  Would anyone suggest that the Irish News would 'spice up' a story about Loyal Order parades .........

The church parade will be on Sunday 28 October.

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