Thursday, 18 October 2012

Compassion for the unborn child

Yesterday in her column in the Belfast Telegraph Finola Meredith wrote about the opening of a Marie Stopes Clinic in Belfast.  Abortion is an issue on which she holds strong views and I note that she is writing about the same subject in the Irish Times today.
The title in the Belfast Telegraph was 'Why pro-life zealots need to show more compassion.'

I believe that we all need to approach the subject of abortion with love and compassion.
However it seems to me that the stance adopted by pro-abortionists is one that itself lacks compassion.

I would therefore like to suggest another viewpoint on the subject: 'Why pro-abortion zealots should show more compassion ... for the unborn child.'


  1. Nelson, since the media dropped its embargo on the news that Marie Stopes was opening an abortion clinic in Belfast I have yet to see our media outlets give positive coverage for the pro-life perspective. Little has been said about the precious life of the unborn in this very serious matter & little coverage has been given to the very serious negative effects Abortion has on Mothers who have gone through it.

    We read, instead, articles that reek of utter disdain (the Belfast telegraph comes to mind) for those who support the precious life of the unborn & health of the mother.

    Furthermore… we hear UTV’s news presenters making unhelpful comments in their news broadcast, all in order to make it sound a great many of our women are seeking abortion in NI, they say, “…in the past 40 or 50 years there has been 50,000 women seeking abortions in Northern Ireland…”

    Seriously! UTV had to span half a century to get that figure! …When the reality is abortion figures has been dropping significantly in recent times ….so why don’t they give a top news headline reporting that?

  2. There is indeed a cosy 'liberal consensus' in much of the media. I will return to that shortly.


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