Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Sinn Fein support still on the slide

Back in February it was reported in the Sunday Times that support for Sinn Fein in the Irish Republic had risen to 25 percent, up 4 percent from the previous poll in December 2011.

However since then support for Sinn Fein has been dropping and that can be seen in the results of the poll published in the Sunday Times at the weekend - Fine Gael 30%, Fianna Fail 22%, United Left Alliance, independents and others 19%, Sinn Fein 14% and Green Party 3%.
The decline in support for Sinn Fein in the Irish Republic, from 25% down to 14%, is both substantial and significant.  It is true that these figures relate to the Republic but they do have a significance for folk in Northern Ireland.  The Sinn Fein project is a cross-border, or as they describe it 'all Ireland', project but the southern part of the republican project is not in great shape.

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