Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Sinn Fein face a big bill for malicious libel

Cathal Boylan MLA, one of the defendants
After what was clearly a fractious libel case, taken by Declan Gormley against Sinn Fein and two Sinn Fein politicians, the jury has awarded Gormley, a former director of Northern Ireland Water, £80,000 plus costs.  The case was into its fourth week so the costs will probably exceed the damages.
This was a bad result for Sinn Fein and there may well be another on the way.
Gormley is pursuing a second legal case, which involves the Department for Regional Development, former Sinn Fein minister Conor Murphy MP and former permanent secretary Paul Priestly.  This case alleges misconduct in public office, something which they deny.
With poor performances from Gerry Adams TD in the Dail and this case in Northern Ireland, the past week has been a bad week for Sinn Fein.

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