Monday, 17 December 2012

Sunday World - wrong again!

The Sunday World (16 December) carried an article on Basil McCrea and the Union flag. Here are two paragraphs from that article:
And was Basil not right when he questioned the involvement of his own party members, along with those from the DUP, in the distribution of 40,000 anti-Alliance party leaflets before the City Hall vote?
The pamphlet was in Alliance colours and was distributed ONLY in east Belfast - a sinister, cynical attempt to target and pressurise the sitting MP Naomi Long .......
There is a fundamental error in this analysis. The Sunday World states categorically that the pamphlet was only distributed in east Belfast and that is indeed fundamental to their analysis. However the pamphlet was actually distibuted in every constituency in Belfast - North, South, East and West. I know, for example, that the leaflets were distributed in parts of Lower North Belfast and White City because I spoke to some of the people who distributed them and councillors in the Court area distributed them in loyalist estates in West Belfast.

So the entire Sunday World article is based on an untruth!
Ironically the article carried a sub-title 'Truth is casualty in on-going war' and included this observation, 'In other words, don't let the truth get in the way of our cause.'
It is indeed ironic that truth was a casualty in this article and the author certainly didn't let the truth get in the way of his argument!
The one thing I haven't mentioned so far is the name of the Sunday World journalist who got it so badly wrong ... again. It was in fact none other than Richard Sullivan.

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