Tuesday, 8 January 2013

More on the Donegal Daily and Belfast Daily

This series of posts started yesterday morning with the Belfast Daily 'story' that the PSNI had hired in riot squad officers from the Irish Republic.  It then moved on to the Donegal Daily Ltd, which appears to be the parent company of both the Belfast Daily and the Donegal Daily.

I have mentioned already two of the directors but a trawl on the internet reveleaded a third name, Gregory Patrick Harkin, who was secretary for one year from January to December 2011.  Obviously he was long gone before this recent 'story'.

The Donegal Daily is based at the Co-lab building of the Letterkenny Institute of Technology (LYIT).  I came across this institution towards the end of last year as they are one of the partners in a new cross-border North-West Regional Science Park and it seems that the Donegal Daily operates from space rented from them.
It would be helpful if the Donegal Daily would acknowledge that they got it wrong and dangerously wrong.

In the Irish News this morning, Justice Minister David Ford confirmed that the Belfast Daily report was 'completely false'.  He then added, 'Simply because somebody posts something on the internet does not make it true.'  David Ford is right that just because something appears on the internet does not make it true.  The same is also true of the printed page.  However we do have a right to expect printed newspapers and online news sites to check their sources.  Even the BBC has learned that lesson.

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