Tuesday, 8 January 2013

The rather unequal Equality Commission

Last month the Equality Commission published A Profile of the Monitored Northern Ireland Workforce (Monitoring Report No 22), which covers the year 2011. 
I have only just read the report but once again the most interesting figures are those for the Equality Commission itself.  This is the body that was set up many years ago to promote equality in the workplace.  So how is it faring in regard to its own workforce?

In 2011 there were 147 staff in the Equality Commission and of these 50 were Protestant, 93 were Roman Catholic and 4 were non-determined.  Setting aside the 4 non-determined, the report gives a breakdown of 65% Roman Catholic and 35% Protestant, which is certainly at odds with a representative workforce.

Back in 2006 the figure was 38% Protestant and 62% Roman Catholic, so instead of improving the balance in its workforce between 2006 and 2011, the Equality Commission has ended up with a more imbalanced workforce.  Once again the Equality Commission has fallen short of the standard it sets or others.
It seems that the Equality Commission's approach is 'do as I say, not do as I do'.  Perhaps it is time to rename the organisation the Inequality Commission!


  1. What minster is responsible for this commission?

    Instead of whining about it here get the minister to force the commission over the next 6 months to address the imbalance.

    This is another example of protestant/Unionist/Loyalist discrimination.

    Get it sorted.

  2. As I understand it the Equality Commission is not answerable to the Northern Ireland Assembly or the Executive. It is a reserved matter. The Commission is appointed by the NIO and the Secretary of State at Westminster.


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