Saturday, 9 February 2013

Gerry Adams - delusion and desperation

Gerry Adams TD and Conor Murphy MP were in Dundalk yesterday for the local launch of Sinn Fein's campaign for a border poll.
Adams argued that republicans should try to persuade unionists to support a united Ireland.  'This is a significant challenge but one I believe we are up to and can succeed in.'
This is just blind desperation on the part of Gerry Adams.  Support for the Union is stronger than ever. 
As Nigel Dodds MP said in the Newsletter this morning:
Those who have spent 40 years campaigning for a united Ireland received a severe body blow with a BBC poll showing two thirds support for the Union.  Not only has Sinn Fein's campaign failed to convince Protestants that a united Ireland is a good idea but a majority of Roman Catholics said they wanted to stay in the United Kingdom. ...  The BBC report is very uncomfortable reading for nationalists - 79 per cent saying they want to stay in the United Kingdom with 23 per cent of Sinn Fein supporters expressing the same view.
Sinn Fein cannot cope with this reality and do not really know how to handle it.  When the poll was announced on a BBC Spotlight Special on Tuesday Gerry Kelly was caught flat-footed and simply retreated into an absurd state of denial.
The plain truth is that Gerry Adams has failed to acheieve his goal of a united Ireland.  His problem is that he dare not admit his failure and so he holds out to his followers the prospect of convincing unionists.  It seems he hasn't even managed to convince all his own followers!
We could call on Gerry Adams to be honest with his own people but there's not much chance of that.  He refuses to be honest about his past so there is little hope of him being honest about the future.


  1. We will NEVER stop until our beloved Ireland is re-united. There is NOTHING that can stop it, especially your wee bitch blog. TIOCFAIDH ÁR LÁ!

    1. It seems that Gerry Adams isn't the only one suffering from denial, delusion and desperation. Republicans have failed to convince unionists about a united Ireland - so what are you going to try now?

  2. So NElson would you agree that peopel are stil free to work for a united Ireland using totally peaceful means and anoye using violence or threats to try and stop them shoudl face the full force fo the law?

    How has Gerry Adam failed? Did he say Ireland United by this Friday? You make the same mistake Unionists always make, you think of today or the next hour or the next blog post aimed at those you think will give you a vote. Other think and plan in terms of years a head, its along game Nelson and far from over. As long as they reach for a United Ireland using peaceful means I am sure they have your support to do that?


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