Saturday, 19 April 2014

Dee Fennell - republican bigot

Dee Fennell is the principal spokesman for the Greater Ardoyne Residents Collective (GARC) and is also standing as an independent republican candidate in the Oldpark electoral area in the forthcoming council elections.  He is a member of one of the small extreme republican groups in Ardoyne, the Sean MacDiarmada 1916 Society.
Today the Irish News (19 April) reported:
Mr Fennell claimed the 'radical approach and strategy of GARC' in recent years has 'effectively brought an end to evening parades' through Ardoyne.
He also warned that a more 'radical approach' will now be taken towards loyal order morning parades taking place through the district.
The actions of the Parades Commission, PSNI and the loyal orders in the months ahead could lead to a long, hot and volatile summer for all of us,' he warned.
Dee Fennell is a bigot and a particularly nasty bigot.  His bigotry and intolerance shape his attitude towards loyal order parades on the Crumlin Road and he believes that there should never be an Orangeman on the Crumlin Road again, morning, afternoon or evening.  In fact he believes in cultural apartheid.
He is a also a bully and his threat of a 'long, hot and volatile summer' is an example of that bullying.
Last year the Parades Commission pandered to the bigotry of Fennell and his associates by preventing the Ligoniel lodges returning home and they have encouraged him to press on towards his ultimate goal - no Orange feet on the Crumlin Road.  Peter Osbore, Brian Kennaway and the other members of that last commission bowed to the bullying of GARC and they have a lot to answer for.
The current commission has said that its determinations will be based on evidence and so the Irish News report will be forwarded to them with a covering letter as one piece of the evidence they should keep on file and keep in mind.

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