Monday, 12 May 2014

Psalm 23 in Ulster-Scots

Psalm 23, the Shepherd psalm, is one of the best known passages in the Bible. 

It was translated into Ulster-Scots, in metrical form, by Dr Philip Robinson, and Darren Gibson included the first few verses of this translation in his Ulster-Scots column in the NewsLetter on Saturday.
Tha Loard's ma herd, nae want's A'll hae.
He lays me doon tae bide.
In fiels o gress: he taks me safe,
Alang tha watter side.
Ma sowl he aye pits richt agane;
And gars me fur tae traik
Alang tha strecht, richt-leeving pad,
Jist fur his ain name's sake.
Tha mair A waak throu daith's dairk glen,
Yit A'll no fear ocht ill:
Fur thou art wi me an thy cruik
An staff, gies comfort still.

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    Love this can anyone send me the complete version of the 23rd Psalm in this translation as i want to laser engrave it on to a mirror thanks
    Maurice Barclay..

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