Friday, 4 July 2014

Two thoughts for Gerry Kelly

I listened this morning to Sinn Fein's Gerry Kelly complaining on Radio Ulster that the Civil Rights Camp at Twaddell Avenue was illegal because it was on land belonging to Housing Executive.
Let me make two points in response to Gerry Kelly:
1. His argument is utterly hypocritical when his own party has been involved in the illegal erection of memorials to IRA terrorists on land belonging not only to the Housing Executive but to other public bodies. 
For example, the IRA memorial that was erected in Castlederg in August 2013 was erected with Sinn Fein support and it was inaugurated with a parade on the so-called Tyrone IRA Volunteers Day.  Moreover the main speaker at the inauguration of the illegal memorial was none other than Gerry Kelly himself!
2. The land at Twaddell Avenue is indeed owned by the Housing Executive but why do they own it?  The fact is that the land was once occupied by family homes and those families were Protestant families.  It was intimidation by Irish republicans that forced Protestant families to leave.  Of course it was not enough to put Protestants out of their homes ...  Irish republicans want them off the streets as well.
The sheer hypocrisy of Irish republicanism is matched only by its sectarian hatred.

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