Friday, 29 April 2016

Sinn Fein don't see the ironies

There is an irony about Sinn Fein placing an election poster on the front wall of the derelict Casement Park.  The dereliction is actually a testimony to the incompetence of the Sinn Fein machine.  What on earth led them to put the advertisement on what is a constant reminder of their failure?

However there is another irony about this poster.  The main message is that Sinn Fein provides 'A BETTER VOICE'.  However the truth is that the '4 MPs' mentioned on the poster cannot contribute to the voice.  

They refuse to take their seats in the United Kingdom House of Commons, to which they have been elected, and therefore they do not speak in the House of Commons.  Sinn Fein has NO voice in the House of Commons and West Belfast goes unrepresented.

The third irony is that the Sinn Fein advertisement is beside another advertisement, for a Jobs Fair.  Casement is a major project and it was argued that it would create many construction jobs.  However there has been no construction and therefore no jobs.  Another failure for Sinn Fein.


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