Thursday, 16 August 2018

Jude Collins and the BBC

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Jude Collins has attracted widespread condemnation for his assertion that the deaths of so many innocent victims in the Omagh bomb were not murder.  Not only did he make this appalling statement but he made it on 15 August, the 20th anniversary of that terrible atrocity.

However we should not be surprised.

Jude Collins made a similar assertion about the Shankill bomb, stating that this atrocity was not murder.

He also made a similar statement about the Provisional IRA murder of Ann Travers and stated that it was not murder.

He has made many other controversial statements, such as comparing the Boys Brigade to dissident republican terrorists, but such controversies pale into insignificance beside the far greater offence of denying that the three terrorist attacks were indeed murder.

Those words must have cut through the hearts of the folk who lost loved-ones to the murderers behind those atrocities.

Jude Collins was formerly a lecturer at the University of Ulster but is now retired and has written a book titled Martin McGuinness: The Man I Knew.  He was also employed recently by Feile an Phobail to interview Gerry Adams so his area of expertise seems to be Sinn Fein.

He describes himself, on his blog, as a 'writer and broadcaster'. and he is also described as a 'media commentator'.  In that context of 'media commentator' he is sometimes invited by the BBC to contribute to discussions on the Nolan Show and Talkback.

He is also used by the BBC as one of a number of newspaper reviewers on the Saturday morning Kim Lenaghan programme on Radio Ulster.

Surely after this latest outrage it is time for the BBC to reflect on his future with them.  I know they like controversy but there are some things that are just 'beyond the pale'.

In any case he can still keep himself busy writing for the Andersonstown News.

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  1. I wonder what his definition of murder would be if some of his family were killed in similar circumstances or if the perpetrators were being charged with murder by the PSNI...would he step forward and ask for the murder charge to be rescinded?


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