Saturday, 1 December 2012

A simple question for Alasdair McDonnell

SDLP leader Alasdair McDonnell MP MLA
Last Friday (23 November) I posted about the fact that SDLP councillors in Newry and Mourne Council had joined with Sinn Fein to retain the name of a playground, which had been named after the IRA terrorist and hunger striker Raymond McCreesh.

Newton Emerson comments on this in the Irish News today (1 December):

Sinn Fein and SDLP councillors in Newry and Mourne have voted to retain the name of a playground named after Raymond McCreesh, an IRA gunman caught with a weapon used in the Kingsmill massacre.  The moral squalor of this is difficult to fathom. 
IRA memorials are usually justified on the grounds that Northern Ireland has plenty of British war memorials.
Is there a playground anywhere named after a British equivalent of Raymond McCreesh? 
If there is, do Sinn Fein and the SDLP consider that acceptable.

I agree with Newton Emerson that 'the moral squalor of this is difficult to fathom'.
So what have the media done about this 'moral squalor'?  Have they interviewed and questioned SDLP leader Aladair McDonnell MP MLA about this or have they asked SDLP deputy leader Dolores Kelly MLA?  I certainly haven't seen much evidence of it, indeed I haven't seen any at all.
So how long will it be before they get round to asking Alasdair one very simple question?  'Alasdair, is it right to name a children's playground after an IRA gunman?'

So once again, over to you, Belfast Telegraph, Irish News, Stephen Nolan .......  Oh, and perhaps church leaders, Protestant and Roman Catholic, could speak out on this as well.


  1. Nelson, you and the DUP need to remind the biased media every time you and the DUP are interviewed about their reluctance to give republicans of all shades a bad press. Do they only reserved that for Unionists.

    If a band allegedly playing a sectarian tune can cause the local media to go into anti-Unionist overdrive. Then you would expect that the indisputable fact that the sdlp (shinner light) and the shinners (full version) back the sectarian and terrorist naming of a children's play park. What a fine example for the youth of Newry.

  2. Not shinner light or full fat shinner related, but nevertheless a story that highlights the biased nature of the local media. Neil Lennon the manager of Celtic FC, received death threats and items through the post and this was reported ad nauseum. Yet a Celtic FC and republic of Ireland player Anthony Stokes attended a memorial function in Dublin for murdered RIRA leader Alan Ryan, not only did he attend he sent condolences via his Twitter account on the day of his funeral. A female journalist in the south who reported on Ryan, had death threats made against her. The Garda took the death threats so serious that the dispatched armed Garda officers to her home.

    Yet the media in Northern Ireland were stony silent on this issue. That is surprising given that Celtic and the RoI football teams would have a large support among republicans of all colours here in Northern Ireland. One would have thought that a story with local interest, that would be of interest to many here in Northern Ireland would have warranted a few minutes of BBC NI air time???
    No they prefer to cover allegedly, possibly maybe, could it be that tune they are playing stories, with all the alleged community offence, by people who only a few weeks earlier were handing out medals to former PIRA members now media tagged dissidents.

    This reminds me of the time in 2006 when the gaa Christy Ring Cup final hurling match between Antrim gaa hurling team and the New York gaa hurling team was moved from Northern Ireland to a neutral venue in Boston USA.

    The New York gaa team and the gaa central council knew that many in the New York gaa team were in the USA illegally. They knew that if they returned to Northern Ireland to play the gaa match and then tried to return to the USA they would be refused entry by USA immigration officials. BBC NI blanked out that story, preferring to report that some would have visa problems, not disclosing who would have the visa problems, the visiting New York gaa team or the travelling Antrim gaa team???

    This is a total lie and BBC NI cover up. BBC NI knew that many in the New York gaa team were in the USA illegally they were in fact illegal immigrants. I wonder knowing this did BBC NI officials inform USA immigration of the facts??? This also begs the why did the gaa facilitate law breaking???

    There is still time for a BBC NI investigation into this if they feel inclined, what about it Wendy or Nolan, no I thought not.


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