Saturday, 8 December 2012

Bonfires and parades ... in Prague

There are folk who suggest that some of our cultural traditions in Ulster are bizarre or simply 'wrong'and that we should end these traditions.

Bonfire in Prague
I was therefore interested to read a little note in one of those free magazines that you get on aeroplanes.  It was the JetAway magazine and it was encouraging readers to visit the beautiful city of Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic.

Paleni Carodejnic is like a mash-up between Halloween and Bonfire night, with entertainment, concerts and parades taking place across Prague.  Ladronka Park hosts the largest celebrations, from 3pm.  For the best views, watch the bonfires burn from Petrin Hill.

On 30 April there are bonfires and parades all over the Czech Republic but the biggest fire is held on Petrin Hill, which is located on the west bank of Vlatlava River in Prague.
Parades and bonfires are part of the cultural heritage in the Czech Republic and indeed other countries and so Ulster is not the only place where such celebrations and commemorations take place.

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