Friday, 1 April 2016

Silverstream & Tyndale - Finlock gutters

Faulty Finlock gutters, showing how water penetrates the walls
I have now received written confirmation from the Housing Executive about progress on replacing the faulty Finlock gutters on houses in Silverstream and Tyndale.

Phase one with 113 houses is due to start in earnest on Monday morning at 188-194 Ballysillan Road. and is due to be completed in 15 weeks, which means that it should be completed around the middle of July.

Phase two is being tendered separately and should commence in late June or early July.  This phase will also take 15 weeks.  Originally they had talked about 25 weeks but it is now down to 15.weeks and therefore should be finished by November.  Housing Executive staff will be 'commencing engagement with the owner-occupiers in phase two shortly'.  When this is completed they will move on to the phase three properties.

It has taken a long time to get the Housing Executive to admit the cause of the dampness in these estates but perseverance and persistence have paid off.

I am pleased that work on phase one is actually starting and will continue to meet regularly with the Housing Executive to see how phases two and three develop.

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