Monday, 1 May 2017

He brought me through

Some time ago a Christian friend shared with me a story about his mother.  She experienced some difficult times in her life but he recalled that she would often speak of God's help in those difficult situations and would say 'He brought me through'.  The words stuck in my mind and over the course of the next week I wrote the following verses on that theme.

When they were completed I sent the words to another friend who pointed out that they could be sung to the tune of the Londonderry Air.

He brought me through, when I was lost and broken,
When burdened down with all my sin and shame.
He brought me through from death to life eternal
Oh what a Saviour, praise His holy name.
He brought me through, oh what a wondrous Saviour.
He brought me through, as no one else could do.
He brought me through, oh what a wondrous Saviour.
That's how I know that He can do the same for you.
He brought me through when burdened down with sorrow,
When all my trials seemed too much to bear.
He brought me through and walked the road beside me.
Oh what a Saviour, He is always there.
He'll bring me through when life on earth is over,
And take me on to heaven's golden shore.
He'll bring me through the gates into that city,
Where I will praise His name for evermore.
He'll bring you through, if you will turn to Jesus
And ask Him now to be your Saviour too;
To be the One who walks each day beside you.
He'll bring you through, oh yes, He'll bring you through.

                                                                        Nelson McCausland

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