Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Cavehill Temperance LOL 1956 - parade gets the go-ahead

The Parades Commission has given the go-ahead for the forthcoming parade by Cavehill Temperance LOL 1956, with no determination and no restrictions.  

This will no  doubt be welcomed by the unionist community in the Kilcoole and wider Ballysillan areas.

One of the allegations by Sinn Fein and some other political parties was that there had never been a parade in the Kilcoole area before.  However the Parades Commission has confirmed that there was a similar small parade in 2016 and three similar parades in 2013.  

A quick check on the Parades Commission website would have made Sinn Fein aware of that fact but they preferred to attack the Orange Order with dishonest arguments and misinformation.

The Commission said organisers had assured it that 'the lodge's first steps to address residents' concerns had been made in good faith.'  'This included shortening the parade route and organising a leaflet drop informing residents about the parade'.

The Orange brethren and their political representatives deserve credit for the way in which they dealt with a problem manufactured largely by nationalist politicians.

This will be a small event for the 'floating of the lodge banner' and will involve just one lodge and one band.  

It is not a mini-Twelfth or district parade, which would be much larger.  Moreover it follows on from previous similar parades in Kilcoole, for which there were no objections, no determinations and no complaints.

This will be the first 'floating of the banner' by the reconstituted lodge and for that reason it has special significance.  Well done brethren!

The Parades Commision decision can be read at Parades Commission

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  1. Perhaps one of the objectors to this past parade was the republican convicted drug dealer who resides in this area??


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